Hopes and dreams for CF….

How the original vision for CF might inform our future

Philip Roderick’s reflections at Contemplative Fire’s

Community Fellowship Weekend  7-9 March 2018, Mount St Bernard Abbey

Each one of us is different; our life experience and core stories vary hugely. In our bodies, minds and spirits, each one of us carries memories and meaning, wounds and well-being,  penitence and possibility. Contemplative Fire rejoices in the variety of ways there are of hearing, seeing and awakening to the intricacy and pattern of the spiritual path.

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Cf Post 27: “Charitable Incorporated Organisation
status: Parliament has agreed changes to enable
incorporated charities and community interest
companies to become charitable incorporated

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As always,  our Wisdom on the Way event on November 11 included a silent contemplative walk. At Greenacres Chiltern, Beaconsfield we were able to walk the woodland labyrinth on site, as we reflected on the material presented by Companion Tom Hinds on the subject of Living Towards Dying and the Transforming Hereafter? There were additional creative and reflective elements to the day led by Companion Helen Fitch-Hunter

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Our theme for the Contemplative Fire Community Weekend September 2017 was Return to the Heart – see photographs on our Reflections and Snapshots page.


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