Sweet Water Well

Engaging with wisdom on the boundaries as a Community of Christ at the Edge

Honouring the teaching tradition of Christ while being open to the Spirit breathing in us today

Space for inspiration and exploration, wrestling and reflection, mystery and unknowing

Understanding theology as an ongoing learning journey to knowing God

Welcome to Contemplative Fire

A seminal story for our work together unfolds like this: ‘Once there were two farmers from different parts of the world, who had just met up to compare notes and swap stories. The American farmer said to his Australian counterpart: ”My ranch is so large and I have so many cattle that it’s just cost me a fortune to put barbed wire around the whole property.” The Australian replied: “You think your farm is big. My farm is vast and I have thousands of head of cattle. There’s no way I could afford to put up barbed wire fencing to keep the cattle in, even if I wanted to. I just have to make sure that the sweet water well that is at the heart of the property is kept pure and sweet. Then the cattle don’t want to stray too far away. They want to stay in contact with the sweet water well.”

Following in the spirit of this wisdom story, a group of Companions and friends of the Contemplative Fire Community have come together to share, as wisdom offerings for the moment, their learning and experience, their understanding from the scriptures, their discernment from the early church and mystics, their inspiration from the contemplative wisdom of other faith traditions, and their perceptions of how theology might unfold in the everyday and ordinary – provision for the journey.

Here is an opportunity for everyone, whether Companion, Friend or interested person, to comment on any arising topic, which puzzles, concerns or simply intrigues! Space to doubt, question or affirm, using our open Facebook group: follow the link here to join the discussion.

The new Contemplative Fire website will be posting regular reflections, respecting the integrity of Contemplative Fire’s Vision and Values. Please find below a section of reflections we hope you will enjoy.

From our founder Philip Roderick: De-constructing and re-constructing: Tradition and Creativity in Contemplative Fire

From Companion Vincent Strudwick: David and All His Trouble

From Sr. Rosemary SLG, our Spiritual Accompanier: The Trellis and the Rose.

From Companion Charlotte Wright: Coronavirus and Sweet Water Well

From former Companion Sheila Newman: The Light of Divine Delight