Planning Our Route Day, Boxmoor Trust 12th March

All decisions made on 12th March were
recommendations to the Trustees. Agreement
was recorded from a show of hands plus ballot
paper votes…

Still Waters at St Albans – “Connection”

Helen Fitch-Hunter writes: I facilitated a recent Still Waters at St Albans on
the theme of “Connection”. I had been particularly moved by Linden and
Stephen’s Lenten Reflections in 2013 – I told them so at the time – which included a beautiful line drawing by Stephen of the Tree of Life…

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Exploring Shared Leadership with Graham Booth, Community of Aidan & Hilda – 6th January

The Community of Aidan and Hilda (CA&H) is a dispersed, ecumenical body drawing inspiration from the lives of the Celtic saints, and is held by two important anchors of the Communities of the early Celtic Church: the rule of the Community, often composed by the founding saint, and the work of the Anamchara or Soul Friend, who helped each individual to discern God’s voice and develop an on-going personal and patterned response.

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