We  take this opportunity to reflect on the year past, and  to share support as we move through these changing times.


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In this edition Companions share insights from this time of lock down, and we explore some different resources that can help us on our way.


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In this edition, you are invited to ‘ Pull up a seat, and come warm yourself by the fire of  shared story and experience’ , and we hear news from Companions including Mark and Tessa Holland as well as being updated on our new board of trustees.


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We say farewell to our Community Administrator, and share news from across the community


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In this edition there is an invitation to participate in ‘Kindling the Fire’ and reports on a Black Lives Matter Vigil and Windsor Homelessness Project, which ‘cross the threshold’.


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“The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong” 

Thoughts, images and videos on this theme are shared in this issue.

There is also a reminder to Companions to prayerfully consider becoming Trustees of Contemplative Fire.


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