Welcome to the latest issue of Contemplative Fire Post, our community newsletter (click below):


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Welcome to your latest copy of The Contemplative Fire Post where we look back at the what’s been and forward to what will come!


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We share reflections and resources that have helped us to travel  further this month on our ‘souls awakening journey’

A  journey where we ‘ join a global community, from all faith traditions and native peoples who recognise in the natural world around, the connection, the creative pattern, the energy, the oneness which we call God.’

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This is the day I find myself in the space that is between…..
The space between people…. that keeps us safe
The space between knowing and unknowing…. where there is no need to know 
The space between breaths…. where all of life rests.
The space between…. where peace resides, waiting for us to find her.

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We  take this opportunity to reflect on the year past, and  to share support as we move through these changing times.


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