CF Post April/May 2017

Wendover Still Waters – Mystery

We were gently led, with times of deep stillness, through the four steps of WISE, to explore the meaning of ‘mystery’…

Church Times Article – “The greening grace of a garden”

“It is 25 years since the Quiet Garden
Movement was conceived. Its founder, Philip
Roderick, considers their spiritual importance at

CF in Australia

Manuela Cheney of CF Canada writes:-

During our time in Australia visiting Phi’s family, we
met with a lovely young woman by the name of
Meeray. I was put in touch with Meeray by Anne,
Contemplative Fire Canada’s Community Leader, as
it seemed that we had quite a bit in common. Anne
was right. Meeray and I hit it off right away, and
after our first conversation (which lasted for almost
two hours) I felt like I had known her forever. It was
amazing to finally ‘meet’ Meeray in person after
many Skype and text conversations…

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