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Welcome to your latest copy of The Contemplative Fire Post where we look back at the what’s been and forward to what will come!

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Our wonderful CF Post Editor Melanie Carroll has created an inspiring issue for us this month. In her opening comments she reflects on the roses that are struggling in her garden and suggests to us that

….if your energy feels a little dormant that’s ok, centre yourself where you are and go into that space within where your true faith is, allow yourself the time you need to be where and who you are and know that you are still growing, you are still alive, you are green and still flush with the Creators energy but it is internal to you, not external for others, and that’s ok…

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We are delighted to announce that our Community Founder, The Reverend Philip Roderick, has been honoured in the 2021 Lambeth Awards which are granted annually for outstanding contributions to Church and Society. Archbishop Justin Welby, published today that Philip has been awarded The Dunstan Award for Prayer and Spirituality.

As the community of Contemplative Fire, Friends and supporters, we all join in warmly congratulating Philip for this well deserved honour, and recognition of his founding vision, which continues to enrich and transform the lives of so many across the globe today.

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As we journey from the sadness that is Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday into the new risen joy that is Easter, so it is that we journey from the third lockdown and into the slow re-opening of the country and our communities…in this edition we reflect on different ways we have been able to come together as a community that this time last year we would not have thought possible.

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We share reflections and resources that have helped us to travel  further this month on our ‘souls awakening journey’

A  journey where we ‘ join a global community, from all faith traditions and native peoples who recognise in the natural world around, the connection, the creative pattern, the energy, the oneness which we call God.’

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We are happy to confirm that we are continuing our monthly zoom Time of Togetherness.

We are planning to meet on line the third Sunday in each month, our next one being March 21st at 5 pm.

Each session will be led by a Companion, see the schedule below.
The format will be an initial 5 minutes for welcome and easing in, followed by our led 30 – 45 minute contemplative practice.

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