Vision and call

The vision and call of Contemplative Fire is revealed in the phrase ‘Creating a Community of Christ at the Edge’.

Our movement towards community reflects the value that we place on a shared journey, on building relationships within which faith can be explored and deepened. These relationships are characterised by a profound respect for, and honouring of, one another and are explored more fully in the ‘norms’ set out below.

We are a ‘Community of Christ’ because we believe that the risen Christ calls us to journey with him into an ever deepening awareness of what he called ‘the Kingdom of God’. It is a call into a relationship of love with God, the whole of humanity and with the created order. Jesus’ call requires us to ‘travel light’ in simplicity of lifestyle and to ‘dwell deep’ in the presence of God.

We talk of ‘the edge’ because we value and respect such a place as holding potential for transformation. Edges can be geographical but can also be theological, social, ecclesiastical, cultural, spiritual … To live at ‘the edge’ is to risk encounter with the unknown beyond the threshold, but is also to recognise that God often beckons us to move beyond self-imposed limitations.