Peter Wright

I have been a committed Companion of Contemplative Fire from its earliest days, and have seen it through many phases, venues and its recent development since Philip stood down from its leadership. Most recently, I have been a regular attender with my wife Charlotte at the gatherings at Wendover, Buckinghamshire, as well as joining the Wycombe group for the Woodland Walks and gathering. I have been at every Annual CF Gathering since its foundation. I have become thoroughly familiar with its ways, style and organisation, as well as getting to know a large number of Companions and others attached to CF. My experience of meeting the more northern members has been great and I would like to develop that a lot more.

I was asked to become a Trustee some years ago, but declined because of work commitments. Having retired from my 12-year appointment as a Judge in the Family and County Court in June, I am now ready to put myself forward. I would hope my legal background and lifetime career in Civil, Family and Criminal law and its respective Courts would provide an appropriate bank of experience to be a Trustee. I have a background of being brought up in a Church of England family, a Methodist education and organist at a Roman Catholic school for a year in Africa (on VSO). Our involvement in broadly charismatic/evangelical C of E churches led, eventually, to us joining CF when it started. I retain an affection for all the styles I have experienced!