Ali Dorey

I have been a CF Companion on the Way for about 10 years. I live with two friends in a community household, where I often practise contemplation with the help of Xena the household cat. In our household, together and with others, we create spaces of prayer and sanctuary in the city. I facilitate quiet days, retreats and “wild sing” walks and I am a life coach and Spiritual Accompanier. I am also an Anglican priest, and I often coach people discovering what “church” looks like when it emerges among people who are culturally distant from traditional expressions of church.

Things I love about CF: the way the trefoil, our strap line “travelling light, dwelling deep” and our practices of contemplation open up space for good stuff to grow. CF is a breath of fresh air to me. There is no sense of being controlled, but it’s about letting go of control, waiting and trusting together, cultivating curiosity in the face of fear, being generous and open with one another and engaging deeply with God and other people beyond our own community, too.