CF Post May 2016

Wisdom on the Way – Hanging in God: The Blessed Jan van Ruusbroec, Theologian of the Mystery

Companion Malcolm Peet led the day. He spoke about how Ruusbroec focussed mainly on looking inwards as the way to God, but he also said that God can be found by contemplating external nature. So, in the morning the focus was on looking inwards and in the afternoon on the contemplation of external nature…

Sharing Our Body Prayer – 10th May

Rev Alan Crawley, Joint Rector of the Parish of Badshott, Lea and Haley wrote: “Diane (Rutter) introduced Body Prayer to people who had not come across it before, as part of a series on different forms of prayer. She led us through it and helped us to experience it for ourselves in a thoughtful and reflective way. At the end of the evening some were very taken with it and have started using it themselves, and it has been introduced to an all-age congregation in the parish and been well received.”

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