CF Post June 2017

Wisdom on the Way – Jesus said “I am come that you may have fullness of life”

Companion Jo Rowbotham (RMN) led the day on “Life in its Fullness – An Integral Exploration of Spirituality and Mental Health”, reminding us that unaddressed mental health problems can have a major impact on both length and quality of life. She spoke about Integral Theory and the writings of Ken Wilber and its application in mental health care…

Pilgrimage to Now/here Saltmarshe

A Companion writes:
“I was not in a good place when I arrived at Saltmarshe for the Pilgrimage. Circumstances in my life had been very difficult and, whilst things were beginning to get a little lighter, many days still felt dark. We set off on our silent walk, but in a different direction to the one we had always taken on previous Pilgrimages, which added to my dark mood – I wanted the familiar path. We stopped and Di and Jane offered us a moment to have a conversation with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. My ego self was very determined to do no such thing. We walked on and the water flowing into the river was muddy and sluggish…

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