CF Post July 2017

Anglican Religious Communities Conference – Report

Sharon Roberts writes:
Early in July, Elaine Wilkins and I joined nearly 100 delegates, drawn from religious communities old and new, at the beautiful Christian Centre at Lee Abbey in Devon, for an intensive two days of input and sharing, exploring the theme of “God, Ourselves and the World”. The invitation for Contemplative Fire to participate came through our status as an Acknowledged Community (although we are not, of course, part of the Anglican Church)…

Trinity – Soul of Creation: Conference, Albuquerque

Caroline Newton writes:
It was a rather wonderful moment just before last Christmas, when I realized I could combine a family visit to the USA with Richard Rohr’s Trinity conference in Albuquerque. I sold it to myself as a short internal ‘hop’- in reality it proved to be another four hours flight from Atlanta – the USA is surprisingly large! But the presenting panel of Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault and William Paul Young (author of The Shack) was a strong attraction, and I needed very little to persuade me it was ‘doable’…

Reflections on the Contemplative Fire Retreat, Parcevall Hall, June

Jeremy Timm writes:
This year was the second time I joined the Retreat at Parcevall Hall ….and loved it. We all live carrying “To Do Lists”, either in our heads or on a post-it note on the fridge, but the retreat allowed me to put mine down and
indulge the spirit, without pressure to be moving on to the next task…