CF Post February 2017

The Hub – Thoughts After a Meeting – Ann Worrall

The Contemplative Fire Hub met up for its
second meeting on Friday 27th January at
Boxmoor Trust (near Hemel again), on a bitter
cold day. Several of us had had very long
journeys (Wales, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bishops
Stortford) and had stayed overnight to break
the journey. A couple of us were unable to
come and we missed them. It was really a
pleasure to meet up with Companions working
to steer a direction forward for our communitywide
group in a way that is consensual,
grounded and creative. I am particularly
interested in how we find a way of interacting
in the group so that all of us are able to explore
different open shared models of leadership…

CF North – The Heart of Contemplative Fire

On 6th February we held an evening for people
interested in knowing more about
Contemplative Fire, to see (rather than hear)
something of what we do. Of the 30 people
who came, half were enquirers. The evening
started with Jane introducing a visual Trefoil.
We then experienced a Way Beyond Religion
group sitting inside the circle and round the
Trefoil, led by Catherine…

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