About us

What is Contemplative Fire?

Contemplative Fire is a dispersed community of Christ at the edge. We have a simple rhythm of life, which each member or Companion on the Way adjusts to their own life pattern.

What is this rhythm of life?

Seeking a balance of being, knowing and doing, of contemplative practice, creative practice and compassionate practice. This ancient rhythm of prayer, study and action is how we commit to aligning ourselves with Christ’s way of love.

Why Contemplative Fire?

As our name suggests, we seek to integrate the opposites, the paradoxes that have been felt, lived, wrestled with and reflected upon since the time of the earliest Christian communities. The contemplative call is to make time in the everyday flurry of things for reflection and stillness. The fire is the energy and vitality of God’s Holy Spirit as we open ourselves to the creative and re-shaping power of God’s life in us.

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