Helen Fitch-Hunter

I have come to Contemplative Fire from a childhood absorbing the sound and sensations of Epping Forest and the Orwell and Blackwater estuaries, through a Baptist upbringing in a village, continuing through various free churches in my adult life, until someone started a contemplative group within the conservative evangelical church where my then husband was the administrative leader. I became a Companion of CF six years ago after the church hierarchy used its power to damage my family and we left for the overarching shelter of the Church of England temporarily.

I have been delighted to assist CF as a Hub member for two years, organising Wisdom on the Way days and helping redesign the website (a continuing process). I am an admin for the website, supporting and encouraging Companions to use it regularly and engage in discussion in the private online forum.

I am a former journalist, then I home educated my children, and I currently work part time as a pharmacy dispensing assistant. I am now a first year student of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture . I am divorced, have two grown daughters, and enjoy a discourse with my partner – as well as on Twitter with people of varied religious backgrounds and none – on hints of spiritual experience within life and the arts. As a result of my dispersed family life I drive around a lot, and I would love to meet up with Companions at any time when I am in their part of the country.