Gill Greenwood

I became a Companion over 10 years ago when Philip and Jill Roderick were in Sheffield, having started to go to the Whirlow Spirituality Centre where Philip was chaplain. Over time, alongside Jill, I took over the Administrator role, which gave me an extremely useful insight into the workings of the wider community and introduced me to the meetings of Trustees which I went on to service and participate in. I was helped in this role by my previous experience in the charity sector in Sheffield, including being the Chief Executive officer of a charity and becoming familiar with the requirements of charity and company law and working with the Trustees on strategy and action plans to meet our objectives.

For many years I was an atheist, then my personal and spiritual journey was resourced  and deepened in my years as a Companion and visitor at the Whirlow Spirituality Centre.  I have been informed by others that I possess a degree of empathy and sensitivity that has enabled me to witness the wide range of spiritual experiences of other Companions. I consider this to be a personal experience which has been both inspiring and humbling.

I have also been given opportunities to develop and deepen my love of sacred music and chanting, facilitating chants and songs at our Community Weekend and other Contemplative Fire gatherings.