Contemplative Fire is a dispersed community of Christ at the edge, inviting us into transformative awareness.

White Waltham – poem


Pillars of trees standing in

A tributary of joyous praise,

Their upstretched branches

Supporting the weighted weightlessness,

Of unseen draughts of wind and air.


Lush, soft carpet underfoot,

A patchwork of subdued green,

Blue and white flecks interwoven,

Mirroring the artist’s palette colours

Of clouds across clear sky – unseen.


A serenade filters down

Through soaring tree canopy,

From a myriad of sweet voices

Singing out their bright hymnal of praise,

To the heavenly Deity, unseen.


Heavy, verdant-fresh incense

Drowsy hangs in the air,

Muffling all into the stillness

Of active tranquillity, poised calm.

I know I stand unknowingly,

Great Mystery, blindly seen.

Kathy Marsh, White Waltham