Contemplative Fire is a dispersed community of Christ at the edge, and an invitation to a radical transformation of consciousness.


Contemplative Fire lineage stories

Now that we are into our second decade as Contemplative Fire, our founder Philip Roderick has recorded and made available some impressions of the very early days of this network community of Christ at the edge.

This is a small series of interviews with Philip and with four other Companions on the Way who shared in the emergence of CF in its infancy. We hope that you find these short reflections of interest and perhaps of some use.

Original Contemplative Fire video by our founder Philip Roderick – Sanctus

Play in Chants, by Ali Dorey

Some chants created by Lucy Bolster, Philip Roderick and Ali Dorey in the spirit of play, prayer and contemplation.

‘The Beauty behind The Beauty’’s Iain McNay interviews Philip Roderick on his spiritual journey