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2 things come to mind about this event–firstly, a number of people from the Vine church came to the event, who have not been to a CF event before, as well as others (contacts I think mainly of Ali-their first time at a cf event), so ali and simon introduced various things like body prayer, chants, the trefoil. Secondly, during the evening we were invited to go “across the threshold” of the church into the immediate area–unknown to many of us, and if we wanted leave a stone symbolically”on a threshold”. I found the whole evening encouraging–introducing new people to CF, in a different area to our usual venue
. Thanks simon and Ali

We were invited to consider what thresholds we might have crossed recently – or might be being called to cross – or were resisting crossing. I found those questions huge and need to find a bit of retreat time to consider them. Being out of our normal place somehow made those questions possible,if that makes sense. Also, as Jane has said, it was good to have new people present – it helps us think about and express what CF is all about.