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thanks helen for this–I too live on my own, and positively love a nice quiet day on my own–very counter-cultural but very much my preference. this year there is a communion service at whirlow spirituality centre, which I will go to along with other CF companions—-otherwise I have a lovely reflective day. Growing up, family Christmases were always difficult. 30 years ago, I spent 5 years working in DR Congo–the nearest shops were 70 KM away, Christmas day very hot, a lengthy church service but lovely uncommercial day. since returning, I have chosen to have a quiet simple Christmas when I can (apart from when I was on Lee Abbey community when I spent Christmas with 200= people!!), and positively look forward to the day–will be going for a walk(weather permitting), read, reflect–and enjoy solitude! most years, I get invited to spend the day with others—the most difficult part of Christmas is convincing people I really DO prefer to spend it alone!!!!