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A beautiful glimpse of the pilgrimage! (I’ve switched on permissions for comments now on those posts – no idea why it was switched off…)

thanks for the photos–it was such a wonderful day, and longshaw such a wonderful venue
I found the poem really moving ali–thank you

Thank you Ali – lovely poem. There is clearly something about being in nature that inspires poetry, so so here is my response to the day.

Pilgrimage to Now/Here

We walk in silent company
breathing the chill-warm autumn air.
Purple vistas and nervy sheep,
the pond burning with flames from
trees slowing into winter sleep.
Pausing to receive the blessings which
will fall on us as we open our
hands, hearts and minds.
Linger, observe the mound of busy
hairy wood ants, dragging a wasp
victim into their complex home.
Sweet, musk smell of autumn leaves,
a sense of love and welcome
embraces us from trees and landscape.
Fallen leaves obscure the path,
trick us into panic.
Sunlight through beech leaves
say “this is the moment, there
is no other”.
Brook, pregnant with recent rain,
gushing, bubbling through the rocks
as if it has a date somewhere,
anxious to arrive, then pausing to
look at something on the journey.
Small boy lies high up on a branch
revelling in the wood
child acceptance and oneness
with this place.
A gift oasis in a cluttered life.
I will return, and often.

Jacky Stride
Longshaw October 2018

I wasn’t there on the day but feel now as though I was, courtesy of Ali’s and Jacky’s vibrant poetic responses. Words painting pictures indeed!

What beautiful images are conjured up in words and pictures! And as I look outside to the rainy valley, I see the frost has done its work and the last few leaves, darkened, cling on in the buffeting wind. But it’s the colours and images of your walk which cling in my mind and heart to sustain me through this next season! Thank you for enabling me to share some flavour of your time at Longshaw.

Wonderful……. this is why the online community is such a great asset ……. I couldn’t be with you that day, but I was now in spirit ….. thank you