If you wish to be in contact with any of Contemplative Fire’s Trustees, they would be grateful if you could direct your email or letter via the Contemplative Fire office: The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW; 0114 230 7706 / 07896 342 907.

John Marsh

John has been a Companion on the Way since June 2006. He is married to Kathy and they have three grown-up boys. He taught history briefly before working in law and commerce. In 1997 he established a property investment business in London. He believes that in some ways traditional Christianity no longer 'works' for many people and is interested in exploring new ways of understanding Christianity, especially the insights of the contemplative tradition. He and Kathy are actively involved with their local church and he is a member of its PCC. He has done voluntary work in prisons with the Prison Fellowship. His study of history and philosophy led to a lifetime interest in these subjects and especially on the impact of Enlightenment thinking on our society. This led to his book The Liberal Delusion, which argues that we urgently need to reappraise liberalism, and separate out the positive, such as the commitment to greater equality and social justice, from the negative - excessive freedom and loss of morality. He enjoys socialising, walking, reading, travelling and playing tennis.

Françoise Pinteaux-Jones

Françoise has been a Companion on the Way since 2005. She is divorced and has two grown up daughters and one grandson. She taught French in mainstream secondary education for 22 odd years before retraining and free-lancing as a translator. Though very different in their praxis, both professions represent ways to serve, which she sees as her calling.

Accordingly she has served diversely on town council, board of governors, Diocesan Committee and sundry organisations. In 2009, she worked three months as a peace observer in Palestine with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine-Israel for which she still advocates.

A practicing Catholic in France, she has been an active participant in the Anglican church for over 30 years, joining the Third Order of Saint Francis some 20 years ago. Her tertiary vows and Contemplative Fire’s rhythm are the two wings of her Christian living, guiding her commitments and, above all, channeling God’s presence into her everyday engagements. Not a frequent presence in church, she no less strives to honour these words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: "the church is the church only when it exists for others".

Elaine Wilkins

I am a widow with two grown children and I have the joy of having two grandchildren. I have been involved in voluntary work of all kinds for over forty years and I have learnt so much from the lives of others. I followed a call to come aside from activity in the early part of the 1980's and eventually the call to come out of parish life. For the last ten years I have been a spiritual director and for seven of those years I have been a member of a spirituality team. Discovering different ways of opening my inner/outer life to the Spirit of God has been both challenging and life giving. I decided to approach the community of Contemplative Fire in 2012, having known about it for a few years. I knew I had to live a new way of being church so in 2014 I became a Companion on the Way. My Christian discipleship continues to be formed and informed by a new experience of community.

Charlotte Wright

Charlotte has been a Companion and involved with Contemplative Fire since its early days. She is married to Peter, also a Companion. They have a daughter and son, and two granddaughters. Originally from Cumbria, she has lived in Berkhamsted for many years. From infancy she developed a love of nature, watching birds and finding wild flowers. The northern fells of her childhood, with their dramatic lights and shadows, nurtured her spiritual awareness, giving her an ongoing interest in our human consciousness within the created world. Her first training was in education at the Froebel Institute, where sculpture was her main subject. She later fulfilled a lifetime ambition and studied painting at St Albans School of Art, graduating in BA Hons Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire in 1996. Singing and song writing have also been part of her creative expression, together with prose and poetry. As an artist-educator, she has led quiet days and retreats exploring creativity and contemplation. She is a spiritual director in the diocese of St Albans. Her home is the hub of her life and the place of her cell and solitude.

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