Contemplative Fire is a dispersed community of Christ at the edge, and an invitation to a radical transformation of consciousness.


If you know of any good online resources or sites that you feel would be useful to other members of our community, then please send us an email telling us about them.

Contemplative Fire – Canada

The Quiet Garden
The Quiet Garden Movement initiates local opportunities for prayer, silence, reflection and the appreciation of natural beauty; for learning about Christian spirituality and for experiencing creativity and healing in the context of God’s love. Quiet Gardens can be found in homes, churches, retreat centres, schools and hospitals, where they provide an oasis for contemplation and stillness.

Wellspring Community
Wellspring Community is a dispersed ecumenical community of men and women who mainly live in Australia and who seek to follow Christ, live prophetically, see God’s presence in each moment and person, work for reconciliation, and practice peace. The community is inspired by the Iona Community.

New Monasticisms Ireland

The Living Spirituality Network
The Living Spirituality Network (LSN) exists for people who are exploring the meaning of spirituality both within and beyond the traditional churches. A small research project working at the interface between traditional faith and practice and the new emerging spirituality, LSN provides supporters with information, analysis, contacts and encouragement as they seek to understand and deepen their spiritual lives.

Living Spirituality Network – the Vision:

  • To be an open space for theological reflection and exploration
  • To ask questions which deepen and challenge us, and move us forward
  • To ‘fly kites’
  • To live the tensions that arise in spirituality
  • To listen and respond to the people the churches do not meet – both inside and outside the churches)

Artists Links

Contemplative Camera

Simon F. Lambert
The Table of Friendship was inspired by nature and created by Simon F. Lambert – a member of the CF Community. It comprises 36 pieces of Cherry wood carefully laminated and joined, followed by shaping to reveal the desired proportions. The three leg design is very Trinitarian while also reflecting the three strands that form the very basis of CF and the style is meant to echo plants growing out of the ground.

The main purpose of the piece is to serve as a focus for the Eucharistic meal.

Table of Friendship